Good Morning Natstown 5/21/15

The Nats are now 8-5 all time against the Yankees.

Nationals vs. Yankees 5/20/15

Nationals vs. Yankees 5/20/15

The Nationals and Yankees prepare for the final game of the 2 game set after a night that saw a classic Ryan Zimmermann walk off home run.

WARRIOR TV EP. 3: SEAL vs. Scout Sniper

WARRIOR TV EP. 3: SEAL vs. Scout Sniper

Frank Galli may not be the biggest man in the room, but the former Marine Scout sniper has made a name for himself as one of the greatest shooters in America. But can Galli outshoot Warrior TV host Jake Zweig, a former Navy SEAL? Watch them square off in a duel from 1,000 yards.

A complete list of Ryan Zimmerman walk offs

Ryan Zimmerman hit his 10th career walk off home run tonight. We should appreciate that. Bryce Harper has three career walk off home runs at age 22; Ryan Zimmerman's first three were before his 23rd birthday as well: His first was on Father's Day in 2006. His second was on Independence Day in 2006. His third was on Mother's Day in 2007. I'm sure you can see the trend.

Good Morning Natstown 5/20/15

The Z Man does it again hitting his tenth career walk-off home run.

Danny Espinosa's Hero's Journey

In narratology and comparative mythology, the hero's journey is the common template of a broad category of tales that involve a hero going on an adventure and in a decisive crisis wins a victory and then comes home changed or transformed. (Wikipedia 'Monomyth')